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We have a number of great quartets in Sacramento Valley Chorus that we are very proud of! If your next event would be enhanced by some intimate four-part harmonies, have a look at our quartets!  



Competing and Performing Quartets 




       Sandy Cope, tenor         (Roseville)
   Megan Litz, lead         (Stockton)
        Margaret Leggett, bari    (Stockton)
      Merriann Cree, bass    (Stockton)


We are so proud to have our very own Fresco as the 2017 1st place Regional Medalist Quartet!  Congratulations!


If you are interested in contacting Fresco, please email Merriann Cree at merricree@comcast.net.







We are four fun loving and talented women who sing four part harmony a cappella style. We’ve been entertaining audiences in Northern California for years.  Get to know us:

Whatever4 Sept-2014_Proofs137.2


  • Marjie Jenkins, moniker “Barbie Shopper”, sings tenor or the highest note in the chord.  She's a true blonde (or gray depending on the hairdresser cycle), brilliant and creative, or quirky depending on your perspective!
  • Pattie Bauer, our bass singer, has a marvelous melodic vocal line, a winning and easy going personality AND still fits into her high school earrings!!
  • Patty Easley, our melody singer, is bright as a copper penny, cute as a bug, sings a mean lyric line and speaks French.  Cabernet anyone?
  • Marty Tatterson, our baritone, is the newest and youngest quartet member.  She adds that extra “something” to our chords, as a natural harmonizer and life-long musician.  

We sing a wide variety of music from a wide range of eras.  Please contact us for an entertaining performance of music and laughter. We are based in the Sacramento area and are ready to perform for you! Call Pattie at 530-887-8534, 530-392-0922 or email  babells@aol.com. Visit us on Facebook - Whatever 4 and www.whatever4.net.







                                                                                     L. to R

Tenor: Carrie Falkpdq davis
Lead: Leah Brooks 

Bass: Laura Conners
Baritone: Kathy Hebert


Check out PDQ on Facebook

Three members of "PDQ" Quartet reside in the Bay Area and our own Carrie Falk lives in Woodland, CA. Leah is a member of Pacific Empire Chorus and Carrie is a member of the Sacramento Valley Chorus. Kathy and Laura are CAL members.


If you are interested in contacting "PDQ",

email Carrie Falk 




Tenor: Sally Kwong

Lead: Camila Villanueva

Bari: Cynthia McCarver

Bass: LaDonna Hulcy

The members of this quartet live all live in or near Sacramento. At this point in time, three of them are members of Sacramento Valley Chorus.

If you are interested in contacting Apocalipstick

Contact: LaDonna Hulcy


 Performing Double Quartet

The ENCORE! Double Quartet group has revamped their group over the years with several personel changes. Those listed below are the ones that are currently singing with the group. No, not all of them are in the picture. There will be a new picture soon.

This new group is now called Encore Harmony Quartet.

ENCORE! Double Quartet

Tenors: Jannie Baker
Dina Lalkaka
Leads: MaryLou Munson
Christi Shea
Baritones: Adrienne Wright
Joan Eckert
Basses: Mikki Melton
& Dawn Wisecarver

The members Encore reside in the communities of  Folsom, Sacramento, and Roseville, CA.  They are members of the Sacramento Valley Chorus, Sierra Gold Chorus and Chapter-At-Large! 

This talented ensemble has been singing for a collective total of 200 plus years! Their combined musical and comedic talents have made them favorites of audiences throughout the greater Sacramento Valley area. Their repertoire includes a variety of music styles in four-part, a cappella harmony for all ages.  


If you are interested in contacting Encore!
email Mary-Lou Munson


August 22, 2017






Guests are welcome each week! 

Come join us and you

too will be able to learn

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