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Here are a number of frequently-asked questions that we get:


How much personal time will it take?

In addition to weekly rehearsals throughout the year, there is one Annual Show which sometimes creates the need for extra Sectional Rehearsals outside of chorus time. We also participate in a Sweet Adelines regional competition in March or April each year, and have an annual weekend retreat to focus on preparing for competition. We tend to perform in and around our area about 2-4 times per year for local festivals, business events, charitable events, as well as participating in Christmas and arts festival events. In 2015 we were invited to compete on the International stage in Las Vegas. We have been invited to do it again in 2017. This will create the need for additional rehearsals with Coaches and Sectionals to prepare for this exciting opportunity.


What is the cost?

Our chorus dues are $35 per month, payable monthly or in advance. A portion of this goes to continue the payment to International and Regional. There is a down payment to them when you first join which varies as to your status. ie: youth, dual membership, transfer, etc.


What is the audition procedure?

 During the first few visits, guests are provided with information about the Sweet Adelines organization and/or the Sacramento Valley Chorus and the expectations of

membership. The Membership Chairperson or her representative is available to answer questions. Songbooks are provided for use during the rehearsal (not to leave the facility) and guests are welcome to sing on the risers with the members unless the chorus is preparing for a performance. (During those times our guests become our audience, which is much appreciated.) After the second visit, the handouts include a copy of a song used to audition for membership. (Guests can also purchase a cassette or CD of the song to listen to and practice with in preparation for their audition.)

Once a guest has decided that she would like to join us, the Membership Chairperson assists her with the steps for becoming a member as listed below:

1. First a guest needs to pass an audition using the song that she was given. She can have the opportunity to practice with a group of members who sing the other parts, if she so chooses, before the actual audition. At the audition, the guest must sing her part (without the music) with the other three parts. A guest can audition on the third or fourth visit, but it may be later, depending on when she feels ready. She may audition more than once, if necessary, in order to pass.

2. After passing the audition, the guest must complete and submit a membership application form, accompanied by a check (or cash), which covers initial dues to Sweet Adelines International, regional dues, and dues for the chorus. (The amount is included in the membership information. After joining, a member pays monthly dues.)

3. The application is then sent to the Management Team for review. When approved, the new member is welcomed into the chorus, given her own music, and introduced to the people who will help her with costume, makeup, learning music and choreography, etc.

Members of our chorus support guests throughout this process so that they will feel comfortable and also get to know more members each time they come. Bring a friend and come sing with us. It’s GREAT fun! 


 Do I have to be a great singer?


Musical knowledge is not necessary to join — voice training and music education are valuable components of member's benefits. Any woman of average singing ability, with or without vocal training, will find a part that fits her voice range with the help of our director and musical leaders.


How do I learn the songs?

We make CD's available with full and part-predominant tracks so singers who do not read music can learn their music quickly.  We prefer women who can read music, but it is not a requirement. (We even offer classes to those who wish to learn the skill of reading music, as needed!)  





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Guests are welcome each week! 

Come join us and you

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the skills we need

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