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Sweet Adeline Choruses most often sing music in the BARBERSHOP STYLE. This highly stylized art form requires the same high degree of singing skill as other types of choral music, but it is different from church or traditional choral music (SATB music). One of the distinctive qualities of barbershop harmony is that the melody, sung by the lead voice, is below the tenor harmony and above the baritone and bass harmonies. The musical arrangements make frequent use of the "Barbershop 7th" chord. The chord structures of this four-part, unaccompanied close-harmony singing produces audible overtones or undertones that enable the "lock-and-ring" sound. The music is characterized by sentimental lyrics and melodies that could be harmonized with a variety of four-part chords. Barbershop ballads are often sung to tell a story so the interpretation may be a bit different than what is written in the musical score. When you first sing with Barbershoppers use the sheet music as a guide and expect changes. Barbershop music is constantly updated to keep up with the rhythms and harmonies of current music. 

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Have you ever heard Barbershoppers using words or phrases that were unusual to you? Have you heard them sing parts of songs and wondered why they didn't sing the whole song? Check out the definitions below for clarification.


SACRAMENTO VALLEY CHORUS sings a variety of music. The music used for competition is chosen because of its suitability to the barbershop structure. All competitions are judged by internationally trained judges in each of the four categories; Music, Sound, Expression and Showmanship. The chorus works very hard all year to learn the vocal skills needed to score high in each of these categories.

The music we use for our performances / shows is written in Barbershop style, but allows us more freedom for the sake of entertainment. It is usually arranged by a certified arranger. The chorus director, with help from a variety of coaches, provides the interpretation of the music. The chorus then learns the music and the choreography and presents it to our audiences.

Within our music packages we present a variety of music which includes uptunes and ballads in the following styles: Barbershop, Jazz, Gospel, Rock, Pop, Swing or Broadway tunes. Many of our songs include full chorus choreography in addition to the showmanship found in all.


(We are in a period of transistion so the songs listed will be changing.)

When someone wants to hire Sacramento Valley Chorus to provide entertainment they have several options. They can hire the full chorus for large events, or they can hire a smaller chorus, for smaller events. They also have the option of hiring one of our chorus quartets for those up close and personal events.

Be sure to check out our Quartets and "tune" into COMPETITION WINNERS to see and hear our performances of Sacramento Valley Chorus and their competing quartets. (Sound bites to come soon.)

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